Buy High Blood Pressure: 10 Reasons Your Blood Pressure is NOT Under Control


Take nearly a billion people with a deadly disease, spend billions of dollars treating them, and end up providing good care to only HALF of them! Should that be acceptable? But that is exactly how we deal with people with high blood pressure, also called hypertension.

Worldwide, hypertension is the top-ranked avoidable risk factor for premature death in adult men and women, according to a recent global study. Nearly 40 million people see their doctors yearly for hypertension in the US. Yet, nearly half of them fail to achieve adequate control, putting them at risk for heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure.

This book offers a cardiologist’s analysis of the reasons behind this failure of the healthcare system. Diet, cost of medication, poor compliance with treatment regimes, drug side-effects, confusion about goals, and the issue of refractory hypertension are all addressed in a clear and concise manner, using simple language.

Many patients with high blood pressure have no symptoms, even when their hypertension is not well-controlled. This can cause a false sense of security, and devastating consequences.

Avoid becoming a statistic! Learn more about how you can beat the menace of hypertension with simple, logical methods.


Buy How to Lead A Satisfying Life: 11 Universal Lessons From The Gita by Shiv Harsh on

gita_final_1400x2400 (2)

All of us seek happiness, but invariably we face challenges on our journey.  At those moments, we seek advice which can be trusted, and not just some quick fix.

Shiv Harsh has used a time-honored epic from India to highlight the chief ingredients of a happy, satisfying life. The Gita is a classic among books on philosophy and religion. It discusses the true nature of yoga, the relationship between a perishable body and an immortal soul, and between God and man. It outlines the role of unchecked desire in destroying happiness, and emphasizes the wisdom of anger management, and offers many practical tips.

The Gita is part of a larger text, the Mahabharata, which traces the history of ancient India through the story of the related Kaurava and Pandava clans. Greed for the kingdom rightfully belonging to the Pandavas leads the Kauravas to trickery, and brings the families to the brink of war. In the middle of the battlefield, prior to the start of hostilities, Arjuna suffers from pangs of anxiety, insecurity and severe doubt about the wisdom of fighting against, and killing, those near and dear to him.

Fortunately, his charioteer is none other than Lord Krishna, an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. Lord Krishna soothes Arjuna’s anguish, answers his pointed questions, and offers him counsel. Their dialogue forms the body of the Gita.

In this book, Shiv Harsh chooses a selection of verses from the hundreds on offer in the Gita, to highlight the dilemmas human beings faced in ancient times, and continue to face even today. He translates the original Sanskrit to the everyday English of a “regular person,” and uses examples drawn from modern life to illustrate the principles of dharma, or duty, and karma, or action. He explains how to maintain a sense of focus, steadfastness and tolerance.

There is a section on what leads people away from the path of happiness and virtue and down the slippery slope of ever-increasing frustration, anger and dissatisfaction. Finally, the Gita outlines what is a good fight, and how to fight it bravely.

The Gita reminds us that the common problems human beings face are universal, and so are their solutions.






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